Introduction to Printmaking: Linocut

01/12/2021 06:00 PM - 01/26/2021 08:00 PM ET


This 3 session zoom class is an introduction to the basic relief methods using linoleum. The techniques of cutting, inking, registering, and hand printing images from linoleum in black and white and in color will be covered. Participants are requested to follow directions specific to assigned projects. The first will cover multiple linear mark making and registration and printing of multiple colors. Second project will be a copy of a Picasso color reduction image. Third is a self portrait. Fourth is a personal choice. 

Supply List:

  • Blick Battleship Gray Linoleum - package of 12, 6"x8", unmounted
  • Linoleum cutters/gouges
  • Soft rubber brayer - 4in
  • Oil based block printing ink in black, blue, yellow, and white
  • Thai kozo paper - 25"x35" 35gsm
  • Utility knife
  • 18" non-slip ruler
  • Baren

Ages 16+